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620 Watt Solar System Kit / 30A MPPT Charge Controller / 3000 Watt 24V Inverter with Output 110V/220V AGM Batteries

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620 Watt Solar Array 2x Panels with 2x AGM Batteries

Average Solar Production - 2.7KW Per Day / 83KW Per Month

3000W (9000W Peak Surge Capacity) Pure Sine Split Phase Inverter 110V/220
2x 12V 200AH Battery Bank
PV Combiner Box with Breaker and Lightning Protection
30A MPPT Charge Controller
PV Solar Combiner Box with 60A Breaker and Lightning Protection
ANL Fuse for Inverter Connection to Battery Bank - 350A
ANL Fuse for MPPT Charge Controller Connection to Battery Bank - 30A
2x Sets PV Solar Cable Extensions
10' 10AWG Wire MPPT Charger Connections to Battery Bank
2/0 Battery Cable Set

This Package is suitable for a Small Cabin / RV / Garage / Polebarn
Will Run most common household appliances depending on size of battery bank you install

Washing Machine
Cell Phones / PCs / Tablets
Smaller AC Systems

Is this the right Solar System for me?

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the average power usage in the USA per home is around 877KW per Month. Take this number into consideration when looking at our DIY Solar kits. All of our kits are expandable so you can add to your array at any time.

How to Figure how much power this system will make:

Based in the Midwest we average around 4.5 hours of Peak Sun Energy per day. It will be less in the northeast area of the US and more in the SW area of the US. This is how the Solar Production for Daily and Monthly Totals is calculated.

Is this Easy to Install?

A Homeowner with basic wiring knowledge would be able to install this DIY kit. If you do not have basic wiring knowledge, you should contact a local electrician to make your connections.
Typically the most challenging part of any Solar Install is the Racking for ground mount or roof mount situations. This is what tends to take the most amount of labor to get setup.
If you have any questions on installing this kit, contact us for more info and guidance.