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2.1KW Boat Dock Offgrid Solar Kit - Portable with Plug and Play Connections

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BOAT DOCK Offgrid Solar Kit - 5.9KW Lithium 24V Battery + 3KW Pure Sine Inverter/Charger + 2160 Watts Solar


This Package is a great package for someone who is looking to take their Boat Dock Offgrid. Maybe new laws is eliminating Shore Power availability or you are just looking to save money on that power bill. This Lithium Battery bank will give you 5900 Watts of usable Energy. The Solar Array will produce around 9720 Watts per day based on 4.5 hours sun. This size of system generally works great for Docks that use around 230 KWH per month. This system is built to be scaled up for future additions of Panels or Batteries.

4x 540W Bifacial Solar Panels (2160 Watt Array)
1x Complete Set Roof Mount Rails by Iron Ridge

1x Complete Pre-Wired ready to deploy Portable System.

1x Weather Resistant Lockable Box - 36" Long x 16" Wide x 18" Tall
1x 3000W Pure Sine Inverter 120V Output / With AC Input - Built In Charger (Surge Capability for 6000W Peak)
(Can be Grid Tied for UPS functionality or Used for Generator Input on AC Input side)
1x 5.9kWh BatteryEVO 24V Lithium Battery
1x 60A MPPT Charge Controller
1x Solar Combiner Box with PV breaker
1x Master ON/OFF switch located outside of Box
3x 120V Waterproof Exterior Plugs
1x 120V Waterproof Exterior Generator/Shore Power Input Port (Emergency Charging Method)
1x Waterproof Smart Battery / Volt / Amp Display Monitor located outside of Box

These Solar Panels are BiFacial with Double Glass. Bifacial technology enables additional energy harvesting from rear of panel (up to 25% more if mounted in Ground Mount Setup.) These will produce more power output in weak light conditions, such as cloudy, hazy or early morning conditions. These panels offer High Wind and snow resistance loads as well. 5400 PA Snow Load / 2400 PA Wind Load. They have a 30 Year Power Warranty

1x Installation Manual

Will Run most common Boat Dock appliances

Boat Lifts
Onboard Chargers
Cell Phones / PCs / Tablets
Smaller AC Systems

Is this the right Solar System for me?

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the average power usage in the USA per home is around 877KW per Month. Take this number into consideration when looking at our DIY Solar kits. All of our kits are expandable so you can add to your array at any time.

How to Figure how much power this system will make:

Based in the Midwest we average around 4.5 hours of Peak Sun Energy per day. It will be less in the northeast area of the US and more in the SW area of the US. This is how the Solar Production for Daily and Monthly Totals is calculated.