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DIY Offgrid Solar Training Course

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Ozark Mountain Offgrid is proud to offer a 1 Day IN-PERSON training course on the following:

Training Location - Highlandville MO

OMO is offering a Complete 1 Day Hands-on Course on how to size, set up, install and monitor your power production needs for any situation. This course is 1 on 1 with our Master Instructor. This course will contain 80% Hands-On training with Real Examples of each topic covered. Will get to tour a complete Offgrid location with a 5000sqft residence and with a 2400sqft Shop that has been completely off-grid for several years. OMO will cover:

Solar PV 101 -
Solar PV Array sizing
Solar Array Placement
Solar Array Mounting Options
Cable sizing for Array
Making Solar MC4 Connections
Wind Turbine 101
Hydro 101 - Create Power with the flow of water
MPPT Charge Controllers
Inverter 101
Difference between Offgrid Inverters and Hybrid Inverters
Micro-Inverters' uses and options
Setting up an Inverter
Connection Inverter to Battery Bank, Fuse, and Breaker Panel
How to use an Inverter as Emergency Backup for Ongrid Applications
Monitoring power production
Battery Bank sizing
Sizing of Cables based on Draw
Making Battery Cables
Backup Generator Options - Auto Gen Start Options
The trainee will get to complete a start-to-finish Solar Panel Install, Battery Install, and Inverter Placement in a test environment. The trainee will have knowledge by the end of the day on how to take sun power and turn it into AC Power for any off-grid situation.